January 24, 2012
just a friend

custom gold spike friendship bracelet from my little fisheye shop, lucy folk hand woven friendship bracelet, image via song of style, custom made frienemy cuff from doloris petunia, image via honestly, wtf?

I know I’m a little late jumping on this trend, but looking forward to spring, I just want to load up my wrists with friendship bracelets.  Who’s with me?  If you’re feeling especially crafty today/can’t talk your little cousin into making a bunch for you, there’s a nice how-to refresher here.

"Oh baby yooooouuuuu, you got what I neeeeeed… But you say he’s just a friend, you say he’s just a friend…"  - Biz Markie

December 6, 2011
more awesome etsy

frienemy cuff, dublin earrings, johannesburg necklace, bogota earrings, makamaka friendship bracelet, singapore earrings

A few more etsy finds, this time from shop Doloris Petunia.  Clearly I had trouble choosing my favorite items, so I just included a bunch of them.  I love the punches of neon and the idea of adding sparkle to a friendship bracelet. 

Soon you’ll be able to see more on the website dolorispetunia.com.

(all photos from etsy.com)

December 5, 2011
make a statement

gardians of my dreams necklace, large statement earrings, egyptian scarab necklace, lavender halo beaded statement earrings

While searching for the perfect vintage-inspired crystal bib necklace on etsy, I came across these beauties from luxe vixens fashion.  I immediately fell in love with the bright colors, intricate beading, and peacock and scarab motifs.  I especially love the neon yellow + violet combination of the first necklace and the beautiful beaded detail at the clasp of the second one, which makes the piece just as stunning from behind as it is from the front.  Any of these would turn the most basic outfit into a showstopper.


PS, I have more awesome etsy statement finds coming up soon!

(all photos from etsy.com)

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